Cabin Filter Service

Breathe Free with Cabin Filter Replacement at Bill Dickason Chevrolet Buick in Gladewater, TX

Your engine needs fresh air to keep things cool, but what about the fresh air in your cabin? The engine has a filter, so it stands to reason that your cabin gets one, too. Your cabin air filter creates a healthy environment for you and your passengers, ensuring you enjoy your drive without harmful contaminants getting inside. Our service team can help you learn about cabin air filter replacements and how they can help your vehicle.

Why Do I Need Cabin Air Filter Replacement?

The cabin air filter helps protect drivers and passengers from road contaminants by removing dust, pollen, and other pollutants before reaching your vehicle's cabin. The cabin air filter cleans the air in your vehicle's HVAC system, allowing you to keep the drive free and enjoyable.

You can usually tell when your cabin's air filter needs replacement if you notice funny smells in your car or your air vents aren't getting as much airflow as they normally do. A new cabin air filter can provide your car's interior with fresh air and keep you and your passengers safe and healthy.

How Often Should You Get Cabin Air Filter Replacement?

Typically, our service team recommends replacing your cabin air filter between 15,000 and 30,000 miles. However, this can differ based on the model you drive and the conditions you drive through. Your owner's manual can provide you with a routine schedule to abide by, ensuring you get optimal performance from your car. If you notice any issues, call our service team today, and we'll get you in for an appointment.

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