Charities We Support

BackPack Program

Many East Texas children who participate in free and reduced price school meal programs during the week face hunger on weekends and holidays, when those programs do not operate. The East Texas Food Bank BackPack Program was designed to close this weekend hunger gap for these children. Staff and faculty members at school campuses choose which children join the program, based on an assessment of need. On Fridays, participating children each receive a backpack filled with nutritious, kid-friendly items such as fruit, juice, cereal bars and shelf-stable milk to help last them until Monday morning, when school meal programs resume.
Manna House

Every community has people who are in need. Manna House works to ensure that every member of the community has dependable access to food, utilities, and other basic needs. In order to have a thriving community, it will take all of us working together to support neighbors.

Manna House exists to give families a helping hand, empowering them to rise above the immediate crisis with a sense of dignity. Manna House is dedicated to serving the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of people in crisis. Manna strives to bring hope, encouragement and stability as we build a stronger, healthier community.
 Education Foundation Gladewater

EFG has been created to support the educational programs for the students, staff and personnel of the Gladewater Independent School District. The Foundation provides funds for educational programs, activities and projects which either have not been funded or have been under-funded by the normal operating budget. These funds are used to facilitate student achievement and skill development, to recognize and encourage staff excellence and to expand community involvement from individuals, businesses and civic organizations.